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Student Page 4.6.2 Linear, Quadratic, and Other Functions Card Sort

Can you distinguish linear from quadratic and other functions? The function card sort helps you think about similarities and differences among functions. See if you can find cards with functions that belong to the same function family.

There are three groups of cards in Figure Functions on Cards 1 through 5 are represented in context and as tables. Functions on Cards 6 through 10 are represented through practical situations. Functions on Cards 11 through 15 are represented through children's literature. Cards in the same function family do not represent the same equation in this case.


Print out and cut the cards apart.


Sort each card into one of the categories: Linear, Quadratic, or Other.


Explain how you know a card fits the category you chose and cannot fit another category.


For each card in the Linear and Quadratic categories, find an equation to fit the representation.



Do all of the cards you categorized as Other fit the same function family? Explain.


If you think there is more than one function family represented by the cards you sorted as Other, sort the cards into piles that seem to represent the same function family. Describe each category. Explain why you sorted the cards as you did.


Find equations for as many of the cards in the Other category as possible. Explain how you know each equation is correct.

Figure Cards for Linear, Quadratic, and Other Functions Card Sort