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Student Page 1.3.6 Interpreting Expressions

I am making apple pie and apple turnovers.
One recipe calls for 2 apples. The other
recipe calls for 3 apples. I'm making 5
recipes of each dessert. How many apples
do I need?
\(2 + ( 3 \times 5 )\)
I have 2 one-dollar bills and 3 five-dollar
bills. How much money do I have?
\(( 2 + 3 ) \times 5\)
Mom lets me keep any money I find when I
clean the house. She also quadruples any
money I find to pay me for my work. I
found $2 in the couch and $3 in my dad's
jacket. How much money will I have after
Mom pays me?
\(2 + 3 \times 5\)
I need 2 cups of almond flour to make a
batch of pancakes and 3 cups of almond
flour to make a cake. I'm going to make 5
cakes and 1 batch of pancakes. How much
flour will I need?
\(2 + 3 + ( 2 + 3 ) \times 4\)


Decide which numeric expression best fits each story. Be ready to defend your choices.


Decide which numeric expressions, if any, represent the same value.