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Student Page 3.3.2 Pricing Canisters

The height and price of each of the canisters in FigureĀ is provided in TableĀ

Figure Canisters
Table Height and Price of Canisters
Height (in inches) Price (in dollars)
7 24.95
8.75 29.95
12 39.95


Would you expect the data in the table to be linear? Why or why not?


Is the relationship between the height and the price of the canisters linear? Why or why not?


Is the data perfectly linear? If not, which canister seems to be priced too high or too low? Explain your thinking.

In this lesson, we will consider other experiments and data sets. We will first determine if we think a linear trend would be a good fit. If so, we will eyeball a line of best fit, determine an equation for the eyeballed line, and use the line to test data and make predictions.

A line of best fit has these properties:

  1. The direction of the line is evident from the data.

  2. As many points as possible should be on the line as long as the same number of points are above and below it.

  3. The points above the line should not be concentrated at one end of the line nor should the points below the line.